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Blue to Brown belt requirements:

The Batteling Brook

Basic Form 8 Movements. (The Foundation)

Yellow Form 18 Movements. (The Rising Sun)

Orange Form 18 Movements. (The Setting Sun)

Green Form 20 Movements. ( The Hidden Path)

Purple Form No count. ( The Strom)

Blue Form No count. ( The Battling)


     Front kicks:

               Snap Kick, Groin Kick and Push Kick. Lead and rear leg  

     Round Houses:

               Lead and rear leg  

     Side kicks:

               Lead and rear leg

     Spin kick:

               Froward and revers sweep

     Axe kick and rescent kick:

                Lead and rear leg.  

Hand strikes:

               Lead and reJab, Cross, Hook, Elbow strikes,          

               Hammer and palm, All knife hands. Lead         

                                  and rear arm.

Hand blocks:

               High Block, Low Block, Inside Block Outside          

               Block, elbow block and proficient in covers.

Basic leg blocks:

               Shin , foot block

               Lead and rear leg

Basic Stances:     

               Walking Stance, Forward Leaning Stance and

               Horse Riding Stance.

     Speedrail number one.

     Speedrail number two.

     Physical requirements:

               55 sit ups

               55 push-ups

               55 jumping jacks

               55 squats