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My 25 years in the health and fitness coaching world has taught me a couple things.  First, everyone wants to look and feel their best. And second, most people struggle to achieve their fitness goals because it seems so complicated ! The “myth-understanding” on how to lose weight, and feel great comes from so-called fitness experts claiming to have the latest and greatest way to get fit! 


My fitness coaching system is different: It’s mindful, sustainable, sane, attainable and successful for thousands of clients. No gimmicks. No hype. No drama. Just you, your commitment, and my training plan designed for you.  Are you ready?


My experience with coaching thousands of clients has taught me to focus on 7 Key Lifestyle Influencers and their impact on my clients' lives. By identifying my clients' lifestyle choices, I can design a personalized health and fitness plan specific to each individual's goals, abilities and availability.


We begin with a consultation to identify your relationship with the 7 Key Lifestyle Influencers:

1.            Stress

2.            Movement/Exercise

3.            Nutrition

4.            Sleep

5.            Hydration

6.            Supplementation/Vitamin

7.            Caffeine/Energy drinks

 Your coaching support includes:

·     Biometric Assessments

·     Daily training plans

·     Unlimited phone/text support

·      Flexible training schedule (minimum 2 days/week, 12 weeks)

·     Supplementation recommendations and client discounts

·     Energy System Training program (also referred to as cardio workouts)

·     Lab testing recommendations  

Are You READY?

Contact Kathleen Daubel at 312-218-7969, http://www.system7training.com, @system7training, or on www.facebook.com/system7training

Food Sensitivity  Lab Testing - What should you eat?

When my clients ask me "What should I eat?" my answer is "I don't know."

Regardless of their fitness goal, it's a guessing game for any fitness professional when it comes to making nutrition recommendations.

Even when a client eats whole, one-ingredient foods with the right balance of fat, protein and carbs, there's the chance that the foods may not be well-tolerated.  Some foods in some people create a low-grade inflammatory response which, in turn, can cause a host of symptoms.

For me, I was experiencing weight gain, mental fogginess, bloating and an overall feeling of malaise.  My solution? I took my own advice and had a blood test done to determine if my diet was to blame.

The majority of my clients have had the test done on my recommendation and armed with the results, I've been able to navigate creating their nutrition plan with precision.  

Now, it was my turn.  My lab test showed that I had sensitivity to 26 of the 96 foods tested, including chicken, tomatoes, shellfish, dairy and eggs.

I removed these foods from my diet and within 2 days, I felt better.  My mental fogginess disappeared, and my bloating and weight improved.

These pictures were taken one week apart showing a dramatic change in how I looked.  But .. I was far happier with my improved state of mind!

Typically, avoiding the food for three months is recommend, then add  one of them back into your diet two times a week and monitor how you feel.

Contact me for more information if you're interested in having the test done. It's a blood draw at Lab Corp w results coming in a week.

Contact Kathleen Daubel at 312-218-7969, http://www.system7training.com, @system7training, or on www.facebook.com/system7training