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Scott Grove is a Master Level martial artist and a fitness coach. He began instructing combat classes at the age of 16 and for the last 24 years he has been a martial arts and fitness club owner as well as a personal trainer.

He truly believes "Fitness saves lives!"

He has guest taught in local schools as well as hosted and spoke at seminars with as many as 500 participants and cherishes the opportunity to pass on what he has learned.

He is also a certified Cross-fit coach and specializes in many kinds of scalable functional fitness training.

ACTION accredited

Crossfit  level 1 coach

MMA Masters Certification

Fourth degree Tae Kwon Do

Second degree Hapkido

Quick defense certified

Creator of DragonForce Ninjas

Founder of TMA

Traditional Mixed Arts

CPR,AED,BBP Certified

Your Goal today is not to be Bigger than the person to the left of you or Stronger than the one to your right. Your goal is not the be Faster than the person in front of you or more Endurable than the one behind you. Your goal today is to be better than you were yesterday and if you can achieve this you can do anything!

                                                                                                  Master Scott Allen Grove


     G.R.I.T. is about MAXIMUM FITNESS it's Scotts custom brand of personal training. It is suitable for anyone. The exercises are constantly varied and completely scalable. It employs gravity training, calisthenics, load resistance training, plyometric training, interval training, strength training, maximal power output conditioning, functional movement techniques and numerous other free motion exercises. G.R.I.T. doesn't just promise results, he help you every step of the way to achieve your goals. From continuous monitoring of your techniques while performing exercises to providing expert nutritional advice, this program has what it takes to change your life. It is easily adaptable to support specific training needs or overall fitness. The most important piece of equipment you'll ever need to own is yourself. G.R.I.T. will improve every aspect of your health and fitness life. It will change you from the inside out. 

But let’s be honest, we haven't even begun to explain it, to truly understand G.R.I.T., you'll have to try it for yourself.