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DragonForce Ninjas youth martial arts is an exciting adventure for your children to enjoy week after week. Basic martial arts skills along with fitness fun and a good helping of honor courage and commitment makes this program perfect for children of all ages. Online video tutorials and the DragonForce Ninja adventure game. As well as our exciting real world rewards program complement the traditional environment and magical feel of our one-of-a-kind youth based martial arts program. Come join us as we use this ancient discipline to help teach your child how to

"Never Surrender and Never Give Up!"

Class Hours:


ages 5-9 5:00 pm


ages 5-9 5:00 pm

ages 7-11 6:00 pm


Private training sessions


ages 5-9 5:00 pm

ages 7-11 6:00 pm

Friday: Private training sessions

Saturday: ages 5-12 10:00 am

The Challenge wall! students can enjoy wall races ninja drills and build courage. All while having fun on our custom made rock wall!

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Play the game live the adventure!

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